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Help if you are struggling with Codependency

Are you struggling with Codependency? Here is a short list of questions that will help guide you to the answer to this question. Continue reading

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Life Coaching … Would It Help Me?

A frequently asked question is “Would working with a life coach help me?” Life coaching is a future-focused practice with the aim of helping clients determine and achieve personal goals. Here is a series of questions to ask yourself; if you can answer yes to these questions then working with a life coach may help you. Continue reading

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Change in Attitude Toward Divorce

This article is the first in a five part series of articles that looks at divorce and the children involved in the divorce. This article examines the change in cultural attitude toward divorce. Continue reading

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SEO Efforts

Any thoughts on how to SEO by a non technie.
Continue reading

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Panic Attacks, Do Women Have Different Symptoms from Men?

A Panic attack can come without warning and is described as a sudden feelings of extreme terror or fear that are not in relation to the situation. This blog discusses the difference in symptoms experienced by women from those experienced by men. Continue reading

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Do you believe everything you have heard?

Thomas Edison, remember him? He invented the light bulb. You may think that such a successful man had a great supportive family, with teachers who gave him lots of encouragement. Here are some of the quotes from his childhood support … Continue reading

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Your chances of staying married

Here is an interesting of statistics on marriage and divorce. For every thousand people who marry, 500 stay married and 500 divorce. Of the 500 of those divorcees, 125 stay single and 375 marry again. Of the 375, 185 stay … Continue reading

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