How would I describe the role of a Christian Counselor in helping you live a healthy, happy life? In simple terms, we help you “Find and Replace.” Ok, stop scratching your head, I will explain what I mean.

Bob Hostetler, Steve Laube Agency, reports his favorite tool is the “Find and Replace” function. Why?  “Because Find-and-Replace has mitigated some of my worst faults and weaknesses as a writer, and helped me hunt them down like the cowards they are and squash them like bugs,” he explains.
Just think how helpful it would be to have a find and replace function in our life.

Find .. all times, my words hurt someone. Replace .. with positive, encouraging words.
Find .. all times, I lost my temper and spoke out of anger. Replace .. with me taking a minute to calm down and think before I spoke.
Find .. all times, I thought negative thoughts about myself. Replace .. with only positive thoughts.
Find .. all times, I acted out of shame or guilt. Replace .. with me forgiving myself.
Find .. all times, I made a mistake. Replace .. with me taking the correct action.
Find .. all times I was hurt. Replace .. with a blank, deleting the hurtful events.

Our problem, the function we tend to use, is not the Find and Replace function but the Hide function.

During my accounting career, I spent hours building spreadsheets consisting of countless columns and rows of numbers and formulas. The spreadsheet software has a useful feature, the hide function. Highlight what do you don’t want to see, hit hide, and, in a flash, the area vanishes.
The columns and rows aren’t visible, but their influence on the spreadsheet remains. Their impact can cause all kinds of wrong answers. You may see 2 + 2 equals 8. Why? Because part of your hidden area is adding 6 into your solution.

Isn’t that what we do? We hide our problems. We push negative thoughts into the background. We refuse to address issues and events by saying, “Oh, that doesn’t matter.”
But, it does matter. The Bible tells us that the sins of the Father shall pass down for generations. What does that mean? Just a few examples. You were teased about your weight as a child, so as an adult, you develop an unhealthy attitude toward food. Your Dad didn’t control his temper and was given to outbursts of anger. You mirror his actions as an adult. As a child, your Mom abandoned you. As an adult, you seek approval at all costs, always putting the blame on someone else out of fear that you will be left again.

How many times as a child did you say, “I’ll never do that! I’ll never be like my parents. I won’t let it affect me.” And, now you may not even realize when you are repeating the mistakes of the past. Or, you may not see the connection between the issues of today and the events of the past.

As Christian Counselors, we help you activate the Find and Replace Function. We walk beside you to look at the areas of your life that are hurting and generally not working.
Does this sound intriguing, but you can’t picture yourself going to a counselor, Christian or not? Let me make a suggestion? Find a Celebrate Recovery program in your community. Celebrate Recovery is a lay Christian ministry. CR’s goal is to help anyone, who has a hurt, hang-up, or harmful habits, to find freedom from the issues that are controlling their life. The meetings are free and offer child care. In Appomattox, VA, we met on Tuesdays at 6:45 pm at Memorial Methodist Church.

You can call 434-808-2637 for more information, the website is

or our facebook page

If the prophet had given you orders to do some great thing, would you not have done it? How much more then should you do what the prophet says when told, be washed, and become clean? Then he went down into the waters of Jordan, and his flesh became like the flesh of a little child again, and he was clean. 2 Kings 5:13-14

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