Your chances of staying married

Here is an interesting of statistics on marriage and divorce.

For every thousand people who marry, 500 stay married and 500 divorce.

Of the 500 of those divorcees, 125 stay single and 375 marry again.
Of the 375, 185 stay married and 190 divorce.
Of the 190 divorcees, 133 marry and 57 stay single.
Of the 133, 54 stay married and 79 divorce.
Of the 79, 32 stay single and 47 stay married.

That adds up to 786 of the original 1,000 people are married … after all is said and done – but it takes them several tries. That means several divorces.

A helpful suggestion, start at step one with premarital counseling to help you be part of the 500 who stay married. If you are part of the group that has moved from one divorce on to a second marriage, do you really understood why your previous marriage failed? A part of planning for second marriage should be to get a good grip on why your marriage failed, so you don’t repeat the same mistakes.

Have a great day.

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